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New CD: What a Day That Will Be
by Bev King.  Includes title song, plus: Meeting in the Air/ Matthew 24/ Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus/ Wings in the Morning/ Will Jesus Find Us Watching?/ Bring My Children Home/ Glory Bound Train/ On the Way Home/ I Wish We'd All Been Ready/ This World Can't Stand Long/ Gathering in the Sky/ Matthew 24 is Knocking at the Door/ The King is Coming/ I'm Going Home on the Morning Train/ and Jesus is Coming Soon.  All vocals and instruments on first 15 tracks by Bev King; all instruments and harmony vocals on last track by Johnny Bellar.  All tracks have rhythm and lead guitar and bass; some have Autoharp; 1 has claw hammer banjo; 1 has accordion (just back up which you will barely notice).  CD:  $12.50 including shipping to US addresses.



Best of Oswald/Dobro Dreamland

CD: The Best of Oswald/Dobro Dreamland

This is a double length CD containing two Dobro instrumental albums. The Best of Oswald is by Bashful Brother Oswald, with Charlie Collins, rhythm guitar, Roy Husky Jr., bass, and Kayton Roberts, ukulele.  It contains 14 songs: the title song, plus Wabash Cannonball/ Oswald's only instrumental recording of the Great Speckled Bird/ End of the World/ King's Serenade/ Island March/ Song of the Islands/ Euneta/ Aloha/ I Walk Alone/ Isle of Golden Dreams/ Oswald's Special/ Farewell Blues/ & Mansion on the Hill.  Dobro Dreamland is by Oswald with Bev King taking turns playing Dobro on each song, and Joe Knight, rhythm guitar, & Roy Husky Jr., bass. It includes: When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again/ Nobody's Darling/ In the Pines/ Streamlined Cannonball/ Fireball Mail-Wreck of the Old 97 Medley/ My Tennessee Sweetheart/ Low and Lonely/ Silver Haired Daddy of Mine/ Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain/ I'm so Lonesome I could Cry/ Pins and Needles in my Heart/ and Beneath the Willow. $16 ppd. in US.

Resophonic Roses



18 Dobro instrumentals by Bev King, songs about roses: Rose of Old Pawnee/ When the Roses Bloom in Dixie Land/ San Antonio Rose/ The White Rose/ The One Rose/ Yellow Roses/ Yesterday's Roses/ Where the Roses Never Fade/ The Violet and the Rose/ Rose of Old Kentucky/ Teardrop on a Rose/ My Wild Irish Rose/ Rambling Rose/ and 5 more.  Dobro with flat top guitar, mandolin, Autoharp, bass, 6 string banjo on When the Roses Bloom in Dixie Land, 5 string banjo on Rose of Old Kentucky. $14 ppd. in US.  





NEW CD, Resophonic Roots by Bev King & Johnny Bellar, now available.  Includes 5 Dobro instrumentals:  Prairie Queen, Song of the Islands, Kansas City Kitty, Missouri Waltz, and Pass Me Not.  First 4 are duets by Bev & Johnny;  On Pass Me Not, Johnny did 3 resonator guitar tracks, 2 guitar tracks, and bass. First time through, he played lead on resonator guitar & just backup on a 2nd. Next time, he played harmony with 2 resonator guitars & the 3rd played backup.  Last time around, he played all 3 resonator tracks in harmony.
Also includes 10 vocals with resonator guitar on all:  Each Season Changes You; Walking My Lord up Calvary Hill; Green Pastures in the Sky (with back up on a Gold Tone Weissenborn copy); Trouble in Mind (using a Regal tricone); Beneath the Willow; He will Set Your Fields on Fire; Jesus is Coming Soon; Wayfaring Stranger; Mansion Over the Hilltop; and Give Me the Roses While I Live.
This CD is also available through amazon.com and cdbaby.com  These websites allow you to hear a 30 second clip from each song. 
CD, $16 including US postage.  Or, order a CD download card here, at $8 ppd. This will allow you to go to cdbaby.com and download the whole CD from their website (their price is $11.99 for the download).




Oswald's Golden Anniversary Album/Jewels of a King

Double length CD containing two albums:  Oswald's Golden Anniversary Album contains 12 Dobro instrumentals by Oswald with Bev King:  As Long as I Live/ The Waltz You Saved For Me/ Maggie/ Live and Let Live/ Prisoner's Song/ Where We'll Never Grow Old/ Lonely Mound of Clay/ Silver Threads Among the Gold/ Waltzing Dobro/ Lonesome Reuben/ Last Letter/ and Rubber Dolly.  Jewels of a King contains 12 Dobro instrumental versions of Roy Acuff songs,  by Bev King: Branded Wherever I Go/ Easy Rocking Chair/ Goodbye, My Love/ One Old Shirt/ Bonnie Blue Eyes/ Budded Roses/ Things That Might Have Been/ Vagabond's Dream/ Thy Burdens are Greater Than Mine/ Precious Jewel/ Down at the End of Memory's Lane/ Come and Knock. Total 24 Dobro instrumentals with no other lead instruments. $16 ppd. in US.


Tribute to Oswald CD


 CD, An Instrumental Tribute to Oswald/Leave a Lot of Happy Tracks by Bev King: two albums on one CD.  Tribute to Oswald includes: Tennessee Central #9, Please Come Back Little Pal, Streamlined Cannonball (with 4 resonator guitarists), Last Letter, Southern Moon, Don't Make Me go to Bed and I'll be Good, Waltz of the Wind, Blues In My Mind, Lonesome Joe, Great Speckled Bird, Brother Take  Warning, and Lonely Mound of Clay. Dobro Instrumentals with guitar, fiddle, & bass backing.  Leave a Lot of Happy Tracks includes title song, 4 original songs, plus Little Green Valley, as vocals, plus instrumentals: Mountain Laurel, Little Moses, Woodpecker Polka, Listen to the Mockingbird, Irish Washerwoman, and High Country. Instrumentals feature Dobro plus Autoharp & flat top guitar. These albums were recorded in 1977 and 1974.  $12 ppd.




14 vocals by Bev King, with Dobro, flat top guitar, banjo, Autoharp, mandolin, and bass backup. Includes the title song, plus Satisfied/ Heavenly Sunlight/ Higher Ground/ Peace in the Valley/ Stand Up For Jesus/ Little Is Much When God is In It/ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms/ Ain't No Grave/ On Jordan's Stormy Banks/ plus 4 original songs: They Couldn't See/ God's Angels Watched/ Listen For the Master's Call/ and If It Was Up to You. $12 ppd. in US.


Johnny Bellar Live


CD, Johnny Bellar Live at Country Heritage Music Barn, recorded during the Resonator Roundup, April 4, 2009.  Approximately 1 hour.  Includes: End of the World, Dobro Chimes, Sailing Along, Shenandoah, Resonata, Life's Railway to Heaven, Gospel Medley, and several other instrumentals, plus 3 vocals by Bev King: Walking My Lord up Calvary Hill, He Will Set Your Fields on Fire, and 30 Pieces of Silver, with Dobro backing by Johnny. $14 ppd.


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